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cut Mini

Condition:  Out of Box-Never Used
Includes-8.5"x12" Cutting Mat-Quick-Start-Guide-
Cartridge Content Unlock Card-Cutting Blade-Power cord-USB cable.  Minimum $75.00
ITEM No. 301  Ending 16 October 2014-12am CST    
Bin: $75.00         



Mario Lanza - "Because You're Mine" 
An original RCA Victor Red Seal Record


Condition: Good-Minimum $35.00
Item No. 302

BIN: $150.00

Ending 16 Oct 2014  12am CST

One Troy Ounce Gold Clad Coin

Limited Edition Collectors Item

1913 $10 Indian 24K Gold Clad Coin                                                                     

Quantity: 1   Minimum $5.00


ITEM No. 303

BIN: $20.00

Ending: 16 Oct  2014    12am   CST


Collectors 24K Gold Clad One Troy Ounce Jesus Saves Bullion Bar

Quantity 1  Minimum $5.00

ITEM No. 304

BIN: $20.00
Ending:16 Oct  2014  1 2am  C ST