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 Blings and Things in Corrigan, Texas

Clothesline, Etc. was originally founded 20 years ago in East Texas.We believed passionately that our plus size customers could wear Fashionable and Reasonably price clothes. We maintain that idea today!

We have Sizes 1X to 8X  

Label sizes can vary with each manufacturer. Please use our Sizing Chart to

  Assist you in making your selections. 



In small towns, its always fun to have a varity of items in a shop. While you are shopping with us, please check out our Antiques and Knickknacks department.    Enjoy a delightful shopping experience and let us dazzle you with treasures  we guarantee you will love.

Ceramic figurines, silver bits and pieces, quilts, china bits and pieces, vintage 
clothes, jewelry, etc.

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  Please view our "Contact Us" page for payment details on any items.

We thank you in advance for visiting Clothesline, Etc. 

Contact us for more information about the selection of vintage antiques and collectibles offered.  Many of our items are one of a kind. We apologize in advance if your article  is not available.